P.S.A. This Blog…

I left town for a few days and had an awesome vacation with my honey and all our four minions. Checked my e-mail and it says people are following and like my blog posts! Well thanks, people! Whoever you are. I don’t even know how you found this blog as I haven’t told anyone other than Carrots that I have a blog now all about our mushy shit.

I’ve never really done the blog thing before and honestly I’m not real familiar with how it all works. I just have a very bad memory and type faster than I write so I decided to start it as kind of my online diary/scrapbook of all of our things and memories and adventures and some favorite pictures from each adventure.

So I must warn you in advance, it may get pretty personal at times, it may include a few private details of our lives, but if you’d like to read all about my mundane life with a few exciting days thrown in here and there, feel free and enjoy it! You will probably be totally grossed out and sticking your finger in your throat about how awesome and wonderful and sweet my man is. But that’s ok! I warned you! 🙂

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