Pigeon Forge and Eggrolls!

Second awesome vacation! Since this trip to Tennessee came about as a result of me telling Carrots that my perfect vacation idea is a cabin in the woods with all of our kiddos…..of course I tried again. During this amazing trip I did say, “Honey, this mountain and cabin and everything is so nice, but a vacation to Greece in the summer would be Really Perfect!” It didn’t work, but I figured it was worth a try 🙂

He worked all day and then drove the hour to my house. We all had pizza, they saw a pedestrian get hit by a car in front of the pizza place on the way over here. That’s a terrible way to start a vacation! Fed all the kiddos, managed to stuff all the suitcases and pillows and blankets into his SUV, pile all the children in and we got going! Driving at night so the kids can sleep is the way to go. There’s got to be that one stubborn child who refuses to sleep and asks a million questions the whole drive. It was kind of amusing, my youngest son is a funny kid. They slept for the most part, we drove all night. That drive went by quickly, took about 10 hours or so. There were tons of deer on the side of the road. I’m always terrified of them jumping out and getting hit. The drive got more hilly, the air got cleaner, Tennessee was beautiful! He did get pulled over for speeding and a very nice police officer who was quite a gentleman saw his badge and then gave directions to where we were going and a few minutes of friendly small chat instead of a ticket. Now he was Not intentionally speeding I must say. We were in a construction area of maybe two blocks total and the speed limit dropped from 50 to 30 miles an hour in that one spot and nobody noticed. Tennessee was beautiful! Mountains and trees and such. We went to find the cabin first. Found it. Wayyyyyy up high and around a very narrow and curvy drive uphill with traffic going both ways and only one lane! Kind of scary! Then the driveway up to our cabin was one city block long, also narrow and curvy and very, very steep! It was icy and the roads were wet. The SUV was like ‘nope, not going up this!’

(Which surprises me, because I’m KIA certified and have sold tons of Sorento’s and even had one of my own for a few years. I never knew how well or not well they handled serious road conditions)

We went back to town and got some groceries and such. We were both beyond exhausted. Kids were ready to play, everyone wanted to be Out of the car! Breakfast at IHop. All the boys love it, those kids could live off of breakfast stuff. Ryan went into the store to get the groceries and I stayed with the kids. Even though he was tired and stressed and feeling like we would never make it up that road and into the cabin….he returned with a dozen absolutely gorgeous pink and white striped roses! He’s too sweet.

Around this crazy heart attack inducing mountain again and up to the driveway. I just knew we were all going to crash and fall off this cliff. He committed to it and went up that driveway! You have to take it kind of fast to get up it. The kids were loving it, they all cheered him on, I’m gasping for breath and trying to decide if I’m impressed or terrified. A little of both.

This cabin is Stunning. I mean Perfect. It’s Huge! (‘That’s what she said!’) Way bigger than we expected. The kitchen was adorable. The living room and dining room were gigantic and beautifully decorated. Our bedroom had a big tub with jets in it! Downstairs was another large bedroom with a king size bed, another bathroom, a small living room area and a man cave! Pool table, Foosball, darts, a video game with Ms. Pacman and Donkey Kong and cool old school games. The hot tub outside was on the downstairs balcony, overlooking the road and the mountain. There was a very long upstairs balcony as well. The whole place was beautifully decorated in Bear stuff and very clean. You can tell the owners of that cabin love it and take good care of it. This is officially our cabin in Tennessee now. If it is available we will most definitely choose it first.


The boys played, we had a nap and then cooked dinner and hung out. The kids loved it. Saturday morning it was pouring rain when we woke up. Had breakfast, had coffee together and enjoyed the view. Both nights we got in the hot tub, the boys liked that too. I got to take a bubble bath in the ginormous tub in the bedroom. You can fill it all the way up to your neck. Best tub ever! I asked Ryan to join me. One would think that a very in love couple who’s wildly attracted to each other would have some hot action in this romantic bath tub. Nah, we just hold hands and talk about plans for the day and such. I’m not complaining at all, it’s really cool that we so naturally switch back and forth between best friends and lovers many times throughout the day.

We went to the Ripley’s Aquarium! That place is awesome! The sharks were the coolest. I liked the little starfish too. We both managed to kiss a fish through the glass. I don’t remember what the boys liked the best, probably the sharks too. They were all over the place, I usually spend the whole time trying to keep them all together whenever we go anywhere as a family. Especially a fun place like that, they were so excited and wanted to see it all! There’s so much stuff to do in downtown Gatlinburg. Also a ton to do in Pigeon Forge. We are already looking forward to going back when we have more to spend and can stay longer. There’s go-carts, mini golf, so many things. Each of those cities has a little strip that is full of family things to do.

The Saints game and Seattle didn’t come on because the cable was out. meaning our kids couldn’t watch TV at all! They survived. We did rent them a movie. The little boys watched Despicable Me 2 and the big boys watched Superman or Man of Steel or something. Ryan didn’t feel well and went to bed early Saturday night. I roasted marshmallows and made smores for the boys! It rained a lot so all the wood was wet and I don’t know how to do those things without Ryan, so I just helped the boys roast the marshmallows over stove burner! It worked! We all got in the hot tub as well and let Carrots sleep. he felt much better Sunday morning and it was time to pack up and go home already. That’s a looooong drive in the daytime with all the kids awake! The big boys were quiet and happy with their MP3 players blasting in their ears nearly the whole drive. The little boys asked a bunch of questions including, “what state are we in now?” “how much longer?” Ryan and I were both ready to pull our hair out. He drove the entire way back. Lunch at Chili’s was pretty good, I can’t remember what city but we had a really great waitress. My older son had a great burger with crunchy stuff on it. Ryan and I often share whatever we order and we had spicy chicken and ranch/chicken quesadillas. Yum! I got a really neat pic of us holding hands. He didn’t even know I took it. We constantly hold hands, he’s the most touchy and loving boyfriend I have ever had.

I missed him for a few nights and then he came to visit on his off day. He was really sick and had stayed in bed all day. He doesn’t get sick often and he is so unlike himself when it happens! I didn’t have any pink and white frosted animal crackers for him, we snuggled all night. I love him so much. We always wake up at the same time in the middle of the night and we had a funny moment. I woke up at like 3 am and snuggled up close to him and discovered he was also awake. I said, “Honey I have this song stuck in my head and it’s driving me crazy, ‘I don’t why you don’t take me downtown like you got anywhere better to be…’ by Lady Antebellum.” He said, “That is crazy, I was just dreaming about that song.” There was no radio or TV or anything on. Funny. So we made love and went back to sleep. He’s awesome at that too. Going back to sleep I mean 🙂

Carrots felt so much better the next day, I knew he would after spending the night in my bed. Feeding him and giving him all my kisses and love always heals him quickly. He did some yard work and we went grocery shopping. Got sushi and king cake at Rouses! We found king cake flavored vodka as well! Goes well with pineapple juice. I made sure to get some healthy stuff for him to keep in his police car as well. I try to help him eat right, I’d like him to live a long time and have a healthy enough life to enjoy it.

Did I ever mention before that he’s a police officer? 14 years of doing it. He’s 35 and I’m 28. The seven year difference is pretty perfect for us. it’s not weird until he points out that I was in second grade when he was a senior in high school…..he’s got a few health concerns that I worry about, his back is bad and his shoulders are falling apart. Rotator cuff surgery on both of them and they are  full of scar tissue and hurt him a lot although he rarely complains and is the toughest man I have ever seen. That big heavy belt he’s been wearing for 14 years doesn’t help with the back problems. His job is another reason I keep track of all the little things…it’s really scary to think that one day memories could be all I have of him. It is a reality that we both are aware of unfortunately. I’m not very religious, but I pray for him just in case it helps. He wears a purple hair tie around his wrist. He got that from me on our very first date and he’s never taken it off. One day he told me it’s not the hair tie he loves, it’s that he feels as long as he has it on he will be safe and be able to come home to me and nothing will happen to him. When he’s in a dangerous situation I ask if he’s wearing it and knowing he is makes me feel so much better.

Even just going to the grocery store together is awesome. It was nice to have a few hours just us with all the kids at school. Dating each other is awesome. At the store we have fun and get distracted and smell the flowers and look at the cakes and check out all the crazy liquors and all kinds of stuff. We decided to make Chinese food from scratch! Before you attempt this, let me save you the trouble. It’s not worth it really. It’s spendy to make and takes a long time, makes a ton of dirty dishes and you have to cook and prepare a lot of things separately.  We made fried rice and sesame chicken, which I made up from scratch and that came out awesome. He made egg-rolls and I must say I was impressed! We should have added salt and pepper and garlic in the mix before filling and frying them, but for our first attempt at it, it was really good! It took about three hours overall. I don’t think the vodka slowed me down at all….but it’s possible. Men that can cook are the best kind. He brought me his NINJA mixer/chopper/blender thing that is awesome for anything you can imagine in the kitchen. I used it to grind coffee beans and I’m going to make some great smoothies! Obviously healthy smoothies balance out all the king cake and Chinese food.

There will probably be lots of cooking dates and just hanging out and no more fun vacations until until this summer. Because ……..


……Today we discussed moving in together! We have talked about it before and both knew it would happen but now we are both going to actively work towards saving for a house and moving this summer. I can not wait. To be able to live with my best friend? That’s exactly what I want for our one year anniversary. And a ring wouldn’t be too bad either! Toe Nail painting parties once a week! I can wash his hair for him all the time and make sure he has dinner on the table when he comes in from work. Borrow his boxers and tee shirts and girly socks anytime I want. it’s still like a sleepover party every time we are together and we have had hundreds of nights together. Even though he’s an hour away, we are together every possible chance and it’s about half the time.  We will have a really cool house, that’s for sure. Between our odd senses of humor, his artistic abilities and my creativity and both of our Pinterest accounts…it’s going to be fantastic.  Time to save for a home for Carrots and Peas! cabin holding handsnickroadtipUs

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