I said I don’t want a whale in a box or a bag…

I said I don’t want a whale in a box or a bag…

Sitting in an IHop with Carrots and all the boys watching that video and cracking up last weekend in Tennessee…something made me think of that tonight and he reminded me what the video was, so I shared the link in the title! Hilarious…..”I don’t want a stair”. The whole thing is funny. Click it and enjoy!

He came and spent the night with me last night. I made him some great pasta and I’ll copy down the recipe so I can make it again. It was late and just went to bed and such after some of the best lovin ever! That man drives me crazy. He’s seriously talented. And sweet and thoughtful and sexy…..

Anyway. Today we had the best wake up. We both woke up early, around 6 or so and snuggled up. We fit right up against each other in any position. Legs wrap around each others, he pulls me all the way close to him so there’s no room between us and holds my hand. He’s super romantic occasionally and I can’t get enough of it! We stayed like that for a while and ended up getting as close as possible, It’s extra awesome in the mornings. Still too early to get out of bed but we were wide awake. Discussing the hypothetical zombie apocalypse. Both us us are huge Walking Dead Fans! It comes back on my birthday, yay!!! When we are laying there nude being cozy with each other right after getting the morning started in the best kind of way, you’d think he’d be the hero in this silly made up scenario! Nope. If the zombies came he thinks I’d get a limb bitten off. He said I’d want to pet them. No I would Not! I don’t even like to pet dogs, why the heck would I pet a zombie? Come on now, that’s ridiculous! He said I’d get bitten and he’d have to save me and cut off my hand. Then he’d call me Stumpy. That’s not even cool. ….Stumpy. He said “there’s no time for snuggling during the Apocalypse”. My cue to make coffee and breakfast. There was about 20 minutes of quiet before the kids got up! Peace! Coffee, healthy smoothies, breakfast. His arms were hurting from working out and all day we joked that he has little T-Rex arms since it hurts to straighten them out. He’s funny with his useless T-rex arms.

I cut his hair! I always cut his hair and he has beautiful hair for a man. It’s thick and full and he’s not losing it at all. Black with lots of silver in it. No gray, it’s a really cool shade of silver. Liquid metallic! He usually likes it all spiky or in a little feaux-hawk. But today, he wanted it all gone. He insisted. I shaved it off. All of it, gone just like that! I was only slightly afraid that he’d look nothing like the handsome man with great hair that I fell in love with, but….of course, in typical Ryan fashion, he pulled it off and rocks it like it’s nobody’s business. He could make a cardboard box look sexy.

We went to the park with the kids and fed the ducks and walked a mile and a half. There is a nice track and two playgrounds and the kids found other kids to play with. Walking and talking, about everything, I didn’t realize until an older lady gave me the biggest smile, we had been holding hands for about 3/4 of a mile. She looked at us both and smiled, it was really sweet. Yeah, I suppose when people are walking a track quickly they wouldn’t normally hold hands, but we do. Especially if we aren’t really looking at each other. It’s comforting. In that moment when it was brought to my attention I felt really proud to be holding his hand.

He took his older son to basketball practice this evening and went to visit his friends. He must have just missed me or felt bad for making me zombie bait in his hypothetical zombie attack (that’s unlikely). Tonight he said the nicest things. I’d like to remember them forever. “I love you so very much. I truly could never tell you with words. You are my world. I’m so very head over heels for you. I can’t wait until the day comes that you are my wife and I can come home to you. That will be so amazing.” He went on and said, “I’m glad I found you or you found me or we found each other. We are meant to be. It’s an honor to be your partner and best friend. You’re better than the best of anything I could have ever wanted.”

Awwwww! He makes me melt inside. Into a big mushy puddle. I want his kisses every morning and to be able to rub his back each night for the rest of my life. Being with him is the best feeling in the world, he’s just everything. I can’t even describe the feeling of being in his arms, it’s like the feeling of going back to a place you really love that’s very peaceful. It’s like being the first ones on the most beautiful beach in the world; in Cozumel, staring at the clear water and smelling the salt in the air. So amazing. Every single time. It’s like being home as far as the comfort level. It’s not something I could even begin to paint a good picture of with just words. He’s my one person. I hope he lives to be 102 and is healthy and happy. I want to love him forever.

The pasta may have been part of the reason I got an hour worth of fantastic naked time last night, definitely saving this recipe right here to make again!

1 box Rotini Noodles (cooked al dente), Cream of Chicken, Cream Of Mushroom, Milk (maybe 3/4 a cup) a Little Butter, Cooked Broccoli, Pieces of Ham cut into cubes (about 1.5 cups) seasoning (salt, pepper, a little red pepper flakes, garlic powder, onion powder) Italian cheese blend (1 cup, shredded) Bread Crumbs (1/4 cup or so)

Cook noodles, cook broccoli, drain both, cut ham, in large pot mix butter, milk, both Cream Of Chicken and Mushroom soups, seasonings. Add noodles, broccoli and ham. Mix well and make sure soup isn’t lumpy. Place in 9×13 baking dish. Preheated to 350. Sprinkle cheese and then breadcrumbs and a little more garlic. Bake for 30 minutes and then 5 more uncovered.

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