The luckiest girl in the world…

Every woman wants a man who loves them to the core. Through thick and thin, health and sickness, mood swings and happy times. A man who will be her best friend, make her laugh, pay attention to the little details, buy her flowers, kiss her forehead and always make her feel like a princess.

I found all these qualities plus more in this man I call Carrots. He’s mine and I wouldn’t give him up for anything. Tonight was the first night in our entire relationship that I have done the driving for the distance between us. It’s an hour and a half away. He came last night to watch the Super Bowl with me. The Seahawks won! He brought tiny sandwiches, we had fruit, steaks and baked potatoes and I made brownies from scratch. I had horrendous cramps all day and the period from hell.

Wake the kiddos up, get them off to school. We laid in bed and just talked and were silly for a couple hours. He was hungry and when he’s hungry he gets “Hangry”. Hungry and Angry. One of those people that has to eat or else it affects his mood. We decided to go on a quest to find the best burgers in town, so I asked a few friends who know these things, got a great recommendation. Phil’s Grill in Metairie. Went and had HUGE burgers and milk shakes. Chocolate is my downfall when I have girl problems. I can’t say no to it, give me a ton of it, drown me in chocolate!  It makes me happy. I ordered an oreo milkshake with chocolate ice cream. Oh it was soooooooo good. I drank all mine and he asked if I wanted the rest of his because he wanted a beer. Hell Yeah! We can’t let a chocolate oreo $6 milkshake go to waste! Between that and the fried pickles, I wasn’t even hungry when the burgers came. My burger was delicious. I got what I always get on any fancy burger, all the veggies, swiss, mushrooms and bacon, well done. He was feeling adventurous. This may have been the biggest burger in the world. He got an insane burger that was covered in Zapps potato chips (a New Orleans brand) and then deep fried! The inside was stuffed with cheese. With pineapple rings, jalapeno, and God knows what else in that 8 inch burger with spicy potato salad on the side. Quite impressive! Neither of us could even finish half of them before we were about to explode. $46 in burgers, milkshakes and pickles. Spendy, but worth it! It cured the Hangry. We can’t have Hangry Carrots!

Went across the street to the store that sells LSU and Saints apparel and swag…I found the cutest shirt! LSU is purple and gold, and I have a really cool shirt he got me in those colors. The one I found today looks more like a Victoria Secret tee shirt. It’s white with 2 pink stripes around the short sleeves and the top part of it above the chest is solid pink and it says “LOVE” on top across the chest and then “LSU TIGERS” Hot pink is my color. I love it almost as much as I love chocolate. Maybe even more. As soon as I saw it, he knew what that, “Oh Honeyyyy! Look!” meant. He said, “Baby, it is So cute and if they have it in your size, I’m getting it for you right now.” They had only one left in my size. Yay!!! Best boyfriend in the world. It fits perfectly too, it’s going in my favorite shirt collection for sure.

Blah blah blah…there were three long paragraphs here about mushy shit and how great Ryan was….post break up Edit! Don’t want that there anymore.

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