No More Peas and Carrots.

Never saw it coming. Nobody did. Ryan and I were a Great couple. Not just a good couple that loved each other but a truly great couple who enjoyed every minute of being together. Unfortunately, love isn’t enough. It would be nice to think that rainbows and sunshine and happy couples make the world go around but that’s just not the case. There was one huge issue that will be in his life forever that we could not compromise or see eye to eye on and it was the Only source of our arguments and tension. The break up was about a month ago now I guess….when we quit seeing each other and he needed “space” to think about things. He got his space, I had to be the one to make the call and say what we were both thinking. The relationship ended fairly nicely. My girlfriends helped me through it a lot. My best friend was there for me to go over and cry and bitch and moan and get coffee and hugs several times during the split. It was really hard on both of us. We both felt that the issue was not possible to fix in any way and would be a constant source of pain and anger and that isn’t what is best for either of us or our children. We will go our separate ways. This “issue”….truth is he was married for ten years to a vindictive, controlling, manipulative woman who is money hungry and Evil! Evil I tell you. Between the insane amount of child support she uses on her coach purse collection and her new millionaire husband who probably hasn’t yet even realized he’s signed his testicles over to Cruella de Vil….you’d think she’d save up a little and get her chin fixed. Unless Jay Leno is her biological father……anyway, evil horse faced selfish delusional inbred swamp critter can go ahead and continue to torture her ex husband until the kids turn 18 if she wants. And he can let her. I don’t care anymore, I am Done with it. DONE. And you know his mother told me, “There’s no problems with her (horse face) when he is single!” Yeah, well he can be single. Forever.

So I thought about deleting this blog since I started it as a way to record my adventures and big moments and all that crap and it was all about Ryan and I. But I changed my mind. Because I am pretty awesome if I do say so myself. Even without Ryan. In fact, I made him look way cooler than he ever could even hope to be. (Ok, perhaps that’s a great exaggeration, he was the most fabulous non gay “gay boyfriend” I ever had) Whose toes am I going to paint now? Can I paint my boys toes with glitter polish? While they sleep!!! That’s genius. I will still have many more memories I’d like to keep track of and I don’t see any need to delete the past stuff I had with Ryan even though we are no longer a couple. It was great, I enjoyed it all and I’m happy that it happened and want nothing but the best for him (and for a bird to poop on his ex wife’s head, I want that to happen). Final verdict: The Blog Stays.