Funny how things change in time….

I haven’t posted a new blog post thingie in ages. This morning I decided I should. Everything has changed since my last post, which was probably over a year ago.

This used to be all about my adventures with a great guy I dated, Ryan. Ryan is no more. I mean, he’s probably still alive, I didn’t take him out or anything. He’s not mine no mo! And for that, I am grateful. It led me to be right where I belong. There were so many things about him that I really enjoyed. I can’t say anything bad about him if I wanted to. We split because I couldn’t deal with his ex wife issues. He was over her or the most part (I Think…that is kind of questionable) but his family certainly was not. They made it very clear that they had known her since she was a teenager and they still considered her to be their daughter in law. Fine, keep the delusional money hungry horse faced ex wife, I don’t want that drama in my life. So we ended things, fairly nicely. It was all fine and dandy and peaceful until he said he wanted to come get the rest of his stuff I had and maybe we could…not wear clothes together, but he didn’t want to talk about the break up. So I just put his stuff that I still had on the BBQ pit, lit it on fire, sent him a picture and let him know that no, he absolutely was not welcome to come to my house and try and do boyfriendly things to me since he was no longer my boyfriend. Haven’t seen him since! I’m not the kind of girl that you can call up and expect to visit after you have screwed up and you get lonely. When I am done, I am done and if I have to show my crazy to make that clear, hand me the lighter fluid!

So anyway, moving on, as I said before, there were a lot of qualities about him that I did like. When I started dating again (quickly after) I decided I would find a man with some of the same positive aspects. I found a really cute small town police officer who also had amazing taste in cowboy boots. Again, kids the same ages as mine. Same height. Same hair and eye color. My girlfriends joked that he was “Ryan 2.0” because there were so many similarities. I like what I like!

Our first date, my house had just been raised, lifted 4′ above the slab and I was spending a lot of time getting it back to normal. The yard was a giant mess and had mud everywhere. I invited him over to help me plant a garden. It was so cute, he showed up in his fancy boots and his expensive Buckle jeans…not gardening clothes! He got right down there with me and helped plant a whole garden. It grew over time and gave us dozens of tomatoes and the flowers did very well. It was beautiful. We went and had sushi at the park nearby and he tried to get me to eat some with the raw fish, I wasn’t having it. My best friend came over and approved of him. It felt like we had been together for years. He was so …right. It was comfortable and easy. When he hugged me I fit perfectly in his arms. He was kind of shy but talked to me a lot. He had this kind of goofy smile that makes you smile because it’s just so funny and quirky. We had a lot in common and he loved fishing and hunting, which is “manly” and a big plus in my book. He lived far away, almost two hours away. But he came back the next day to spend time with me again. And the next weekend after that when he was off. Then the weekend after. You know, there was never once a day he had off that he did not come see me. If he had 24 hours off, he wanted to make that drive and spend every possible minute with me. We went fishing all the time. I caught all the fish! More than he did. We went to the French Quarter and spent too much money and had too much fun. We discovered new restaurants together. We played pool together. We watched a lot of movies together. His children came down for the summer (they live out of state) and I fell in love with them. Amazing boys. My boys became good friends with them. Those kids eat everything I cook and rave about how good it is. Unlike my picky children. He went through police academy to become post certified. I was right by his side through the whole thing and went to his graduation. He became my best friend. I admire so many things about him. He is very gentle and kind and sweet. He is soft-spoken and somewhat shy. He has been all over the world, he served for 14 years in the Navy before becoming a police officer. So the stories about all of the places he has been are amazing. All the foods he has eaten, all of the cultures he has gotten to experience for a short while…it is interesting. He is very intelligent and we share many of the same philosophies and ideas. Plus he has a super fuzzy chest that I can’t get enough of. It is better than my favorite pillow.

wedding day academy mexico

He is my husband now. His name is Josh. He put a BEAUTIFUL pink morganite and diamond Scott Kay designed ring on my finger, we had a short engagement and got married December 4th. Scott Kay happened to pass away on our wedding day. It was a very small wedding. I wore simple dress and we got a Chantilly cake from Whole Foods. He picked my flowers and I forget what they were called, but they were beautiful and very unique. We opted for a small wedding because we had just moved in together and spent Halloween on vacation in Mexico with my kids, so no honeymoon necessary. He works full time and it’s just not practical to vacation as much as we would really like to.

More exciting news! We opened a business together and I became a homeschool mom! More about that in a future blog post.

In closing, I am a very blessed and/or lucky lady. I went after what I wanted and I got it. I got the most wonderful man in all the world who treats me like a queen. I never thought I could be so in love, so at peace, so comfortable and happy with my life and the people in it. Never settle. Go get what you want. Be it a partner, a job change, a vacation…just go for it. Make it happen. You will be glad you did!

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