The Little Things In Between

Unfortunately I have a terrible memory, which is part of the reason I decided to start this blog. To keep track of all the little things and big things that we experience as a couple. It’s been almost 6 months now and it has been an amazing adventure, I wish I could remember more of the details. One thing that happened that really sticks out in my mind is when I was sick, he came to visit. We live over an hour apart, about an hour and a half. I’m in Kenner outside of New Orleans and he’s in Denham Springs, outside of Baton Rouge. I had an awful bug for a few days and didn’t want to move and was hot and cold and felt like crud. He works 12 hour shifts as a deputy sheriff. After work he came to snuggle with me and risk catching my germs (he got sick too!) and we laid in bed and snuggled and watched funny comedians on YouTube. Dane Cook with the Burger King drive through video makes me crack up every time. The “BK Lounge….WHOPPER NO ONIONS!….Pickles, and the pickles…..piiicklllleeessssss… sweet and sour sauce on my….” Oh it’s so funny! That’s one of our favorites. We had awesome sex that night despite me being sick and he pronounced me The Best Girlfriend Ever for giving it up even though I could barely breathe. He ended up getting the same sicky-yuck-ness about a week later and came straight to me to spend his days off in my bed. Talk about the Man-Flu! He was a trooper and managed to grocery shop with me, but promptly returned to bed and needed 4 animal crackers covered in frosting and sprinkles, 2 pink 2 white. Of course I asked for his pink ones and offered to trade him two white ones, nope he wasn’t giving up the pink ones. I made him banana chocolate chip pancakes from scratch and ham at 3 pm and we went to the doctor. I liked feeling like I was making him go to the doctor. I love taking care of him and it’s rare that I get the chance to do that.

We took a trip to the French Quarter not too long ago with all the kids too. All four boys got awesome balloon hats, we discovered H&M that just opened (I seriously need to go shop there) we rode the ferry across the Mississippi River and had beignets at Cafe Du Monde. It was fun, the kids liked it. Next time we have to go and ride the street car all the way down the line so they can see all the beautiful old mansions on St. Charles and Audubon Park.

The cruise will get it’s own blog post….but pre-cruise, shopping for the things we needed was so much fun! This was when he officially became my “gay boyfriend”. The man can shop. And carries my purse on his shoulder and calls it his “satchel” in public. We went to probably 20 stores looking for the perfect “Barbie Dress”. I knew what I wanted, but I wasn’t sure exactly what it was….does that make sense? It had to be ultra girly and kinda frilly and fun, but not ridiculous and stupid. We found it at Plato’s Closet. The second Plato’s Closet we went to. I wish I could have taken pictures of the women’s faces in there. I’m on one isle looking at clothes, he’s on another, “Baby Look What I found! Is This your Princess Dress?! Oh, check out these high heels!” Yeah. My very manly gay boyfriend. Who also loves it when I paint his toe nails, but he’s very picky about the colors and designs he likes. We went to Goodwill hoping to find a great deal on huge luggage, we were totally signing and dancing to Macklemore’s Thrift Shop up in there! He’s so much fun to be around.

We went to my favorite Thai restaurant that I used to go to with one of my co-workers, Misty, who’s into all kinds of interesting foods. He liked it, we will definitely go back there soon. A few exciting trips to Whole Foods. We just like to go there and look at cakes and buy weird little cookies and smell all the smells and stuff. This one time we went to the Eggroll House on Veterans Blvd…because the drive through there looks exactly like the drive through in this other hilarious YouTube video about a drive through that I can’t recall right now. But I guarantee it’s really fuckin funny, whatever it is.

That time of the month is a huge disaster of hormones for me every month, it’s outrageous. I’m a mean, crying, snotty disaster for an entire week to ten days before the zombie apocalypse even begins in my insides. Once when it was particularly not good and I was feeling extra demonic, he showed up and brought Reeses ice cream (Best stuff ever!) and Milano cookies and a Score bar and Dove chocolates and some other stuff too. Best boyfriend in the world! He’s picked up tampons too. He’s manly like that.

There’s been quite a few LSU football games in between. I’m a die hard Saints fan and prefer NFL football, but I look cute in purple and gold and he loves LSU, so I get into it, it’s actually kind of fun. Saints are doing better as far as the excitement factor this season. LSU is done but they won their bowl game. Saints are on the road to Seattle and I hope they win this weekend but I’m slightly terrified for them! Playoffs! Tons of good food in between. We discovered he hates it when I cook fresh spinach and that he can bake. Of course, all straight gay men can bake. Everyone knows that. The “better than butt sex” cake was probably my favorite thing he baked. We had a can of biscuits and wanted cinnamon rolls one morning, neither of us wanted to go to the store, so we turned those suckers into cinnamon rolls and they were the best cinnamon rolls ever! Teamwork. We are always in the kitchen together unless it’s a night where I decide to cook for him or he cooks for me. Over Christmas and New Year’s I stayed at his house for a couple weeks and I Loved having dinner ready for him or cooking when he got home from work. It sounds a little old fashioned, but I really enjoy that stuff. I need a pink retro kitchen and some cute aprons with lace and cupcakes on the fabric and red lipstick. And he will give it to me one day 🙂

There’s so many other little things. I wish I could remember all the times that he has slept with me and left at 4 am to be at work for 6. It would be much easier to leave at 8 or 9 the night before and sleep in his own bed obviously, but he’d rather stay with me and leave at 4. Absolutely makes me melt.

The things he says and does….he’s the best person I have ever had the privilege of knowing.There hasn’t been one day since we met that he hasn’t told me he loves me (At least 15 times). He is so kind and sweet and patient. And he’s funny, good looking, he’s everything a man should be and so much more. He loves his parents and family dearly, he is the beast father to his boys ever. Just amazing. And I’m not exaggerating here at all, this doesn’t begin to do him justice. He’s a real life super hero and save lives and dogs and helps old ladies, all so modestly. As a police officer he’s strictly professional and incredibly patient and understanding. the man doesn’t even write traffic tickets! forgot to use your blinker? Who cares, have a great day. He’s very laid back and easy going and has a contagious laugh. Just thinking of him laughing makes me laugh.

I love that man and all the little things in between.ImageImageImage


The Beginning…

It all began the way most modern day fairy tales do, on an internet dating site. I was looking for Mr. Perfect. Figured that on the internet I could quickly weed through all the wrong ones and specify exactly what I wanted and find my dream man. This turned out to be a good theory….after weeding through quite a bit of muck. Right away there was one who caught my eye. He had a nice picture, fantastic hair and a hilarious profile. I remember it saying that he really liked shoes a lot, but his socks take top honors and he’s a good old country boy. He was kind of reserved, we talked here and there but I started dating other people for whatever reason. Let’s see….there was the guy with the boat who liked to argue about everything and wasn’t a big fan of kids and still in love with his ex who cheated on him. That one guy with the cool hair who was super funny but had commitment issues and was a little shorter than I wanted him to be. There were hundreds of men online to choose from! Maybe thousands! Possibly millions. Could my man be out there or I was I going to continue to get stuck in a never ending cycle of dates with nice guys who just were not The One? I tried the dating site again and the hot country boy and I talked more. He was in my town for a bachelor party and wanted me to come meet him. No Way! A bunch of single drunk guys going to the French Quarter and checking out all the hot ladies? Didn’t seem like a good idea. We continued to talk and he was a little shy, a little unsure if I’d like him. So of course I teased him and told him all my pics were really old and I was 600 pounds and had 9 children and recently had my penis removed. Hey, it’s the internet, why not! After talking for weeks I remember him telling me that he felt like he loved me. If I was really me (with no penis) I was the one for him. I felt the same way but of course we still had concerns. He had two kids and was a single father, I have two kids…would they all get along? Would we have chemistry? He must have a crazy family. Maybe he’s terrible in bed, What if his mother hates my guts? So many questions, you just never know what you will get on the net! I have seen that show Catfish. The odds are in my favor for me to get Catfished right about now…He’s going to be a 50 year old black man with a foot fetish, I know it.

First Date: I was soooo nervous. Now I’m not usually the nervous type, but I had major butterflies. I went for simple and natural, jeans and a casual shirt and flip flops. We had no real plan for the date. When he pulled up at my house I was so surprised! Oh My god, he was So handsome! And that hair! Salt and Pepper spiky hair styled neatly, a great smile. I noticed he had sad eyes…they just looked really sad to me, I never noticed that in a person before. He had on slightly ripped up expensive jeans, a light blue and plaid pearl snap shirt that was pretty cute and a hot pink under shirt showing a little! Gray converse with purple laces. And accessories! A necklace, a watch, a para-cord bracelet, a little small wooden square beaded bracelet. Could it be possible I found a man with better style than me? He wears hot pink! Did I mention that’s my favorite color? I wonder if he did that on purpose…

He lit up when he saw me, and probably did a quick look to see if I had a manly bulge in my jeans. I gave him the biggest hug ever and he opened the door for me. He said, “Don’t worry, I’m a police officer.” I think he was nervous. We were holding hands before we even made it around the block. I liked his hands. They were so clean, bigger than mine and strong. I was already feeling like this could work! We went downtown to the French Quarter, I wanted to go to pat O’Brien’s piano bar. The quarter is a good place to take it easy and walk around and eat good stuff and hear music and people watch. Great place to get to know each other. He mentioned that he only had his debit card on him, so if I had cash for parking that would be cool. No man has Ever asked me to pay on the first date! I actually liked it! I felt we were on a better level that way, he viewed me more as a partner or a friend than just a regular date. We got daiquiris. it was important to me to make sure he didn’t like to drink like a fish. He passed that test. I think I may have finished his. We saw Dragon Master Showcase, this awesome dance group that I’ve seen lots of times. Very talented and funny street performers. I was telling him what parts were going to happen next since I’ve seen their act. Then…. I remember this moment like it happened to other people, in a movie or something. He was behind me and he’s taller, he had his arms crossed and folded over each other on my upper chest. I felt so safe and just right. He adjusted his arms and turned me just a little and I tilted my head and looked at him and we had our first kiss. Right there on the sidelines of this show, surrounded by dozens of people. Nothing else in the world mattered at that moment. His lips were so soft! My neck hurt in that position, but he was such a good kisser! He tasted like he could be Mr. Perfect. Maybe I could bring some happiness to those sad eyes.

We walked around and laughed. His arm was around me or he was holding my hand the entire rest of the date. On our way back to the parking lot to find the car in Jackson Square I stopped for a moment and looked at him and said, “you are my Carrots.” He said, “you are my Peas.”

“Peas and Carrots” we forever shall be.