Sneaux Storm!

It’s been quiet around here lately. We had a “snow storm” or as we like to call it in Louisiana, “Sneaux”! There wasn’t much real snow at all. It was ice and freezing rain and misery coming from the sky. Snow is white powdery stuff that you can play with, I know about real snow. This was nothing like that at all. Everything froze over. The roads, bridges, the hearts of the people in the northern states. They made fun of us southerners! Said we can’t drive in snow, have to shut down the entire state. That’s right bitches, we shut it down! We like our sunshine and flip flops. My kids got a few days off of school to hang out with me instead of suffering the cold temperatures. Guess what, northerners…I have Mardi Gras, king cake, the best seafood in the world, damn good seasonings, the French Quarter, my state is full of gentleman who look hot in tight jeans and boots and I can tan outside 9 months out of the year, you know what you have? More snow. Ha.

Carrots had to work for all of this since we were under a state of emergency and idiots who were determined to drive kept ending up in ditches. There were tons of wrecks. He was freezing but in typical super hero fashion, he handled it like a champ. 12 hour shifts. It would have been 7 days in a row of 12 hour shifts if they hadn’t cut him a little slack and let him off at noon yesterday. Thank goodness, he needed it! He told me he was really tired and needed to do laundry and a few things. Of course I missed him and wanted him to come visit, living an hour and a half away though and understanding that he was tired of driving I told him have a great day and relax and do whatever. That would have been just fine, I had a bunch of cleaning and laundry (ugh laundry, yuck) to do anyway. Knowing Ryan…I still kind of expected him to show up. He’s like that. Any chance he has to make me smile, he’s on it like white on rice. I didn’t put on my face or shave my legs or anything though, thinking no, he really needs to stay home and rest, he’d be smart to do that. He would have come over Sunday for the super bowl and stayed Monday and Tuesday, that’s plenty of time with him. I called him a few hours later and asked what he was doing, he said, “just sitting in the chair.” There’s two recliners in the living room, I pictured him in one, he sounded like he was half asleep. It was hard to hide the tiny bit of disappointment I felt. We chatted for a few minutes and I let him go and then text him and said, “I kind of expected that you would show up anyway, I just miss you and love you, enjoy your day off.” Not even two minutes later I got a facebook notification, he posted, “Guess Where I am -feeling awesome!” It said he posted it from where I live. “No way, you are here? Now!?” Yep! He drove here after renewing his inspection sticker and getting a new insurance card so I can borrow his car next week. What a guy. He gives me the biggest smiles ever. I couldn’t stop hugging him. Even though I kind of suspected he’d come, I still couldn’t believe that he actually did! It was great. So we had fantastic sex while the Mormon Missionaries were downstairs talking to my father and the kids were downstairs doing homework. I love it when he gets like that and can’t keep his hands off me and it just can’t wait. I still think he is just soooo hot. I have the biggest crush on him And he’s my boyfriend, makes it extra awesome. After all that good stuff I made him dinner. Nothing too fancy, meatloaf and corn on the cob and mashed potatoes. I discovered that onion Lipton soup mix makes a really good gravy. Better than brown gravy. He liked it. It’s very important to me that he likes my cooking. He reminds me constantly that he hates my spinach. If I’m upset with him that’s his comeback, “yeah? Well….I Hate your spinach!” He ate that spinach the one time I made it and didn’t tell me he hated it until after he ate a good bit of it. That’s love. 🙂

I have discovered that he’s not this sweet to everyone. It’s just me. He has an asshole side that can come out for other people and he will say exactly what he thinks, nice or not. I appreciate that quality in a person though. He can be very direct and assertive. It’s the police officer in him. I think if he didn’t have to deal with idiots and enforce the law and tell people how things are going to be and occasionally get physically aggressive to protect himself or make an arrest , he’d probably be really soft and mushy in general. A complete “nice guy”, the kind that gets pushed around. 14 years as a cop has toughened him up and made his heart a little colder to people in general. I like that about him. He’s my bad boy who has never broken the law. He’s never even once smoked pot in his life. I never have to worry about my safety with him. He sees everything that’s going on around us and is aware and ready at any time. There is no doubt in my mind that man would protect me with his life if he had to. Since he loves me in unmeasurable ways, I get all the sweetness. None of the asshole side. His mom did tell me months ago that he’s only this nice to me. To the other women he’s dated as well, he treats his ladies right. But nobody cares about those bitches. I’m the current queen of his world and plan on keeping that title forever! We had a funny moment where I asked him if his girl scouts cookie order came in yet. He said not yet. I asked him to share them with me when they come. I informed him, “Now would be the perfect time to start practicing for marriage, I want half your cookies.” To which he responded, “We are not yet married, you get ONE.” I pretended to have hurt feelings and be appalled, hoping he’d say I could have them all. We negotiated back to half, which was what I originally wanted anyway. Thank you Tom Hopkins, for my professional sales skills. The deal isn’t completed yet, until I eat half those cookies. Mmmmmmmmmmm……girl scout cookies.

I wish I could remember what had him dying laughing. He was cracking up almost crying laughing when we were in bed. He hates avocados, boiled eggs……and my spinach. Whatever started it, I’m not sure, but I was whispering that I was going to feed him those things, in my sexiest and seductive voice in his ear and biting him just a little bit. After that was over he was playing on his phone and I was on mine, the radio was on and I was half way listening. I said, “Baby, this is gonna be the best day of my life.” He had no idea what I was talking about, it took him a whole minute before he noticed that song was on. “This is gonna be the best day of my liiiiiife….” That’s all I know.

I kind of maybe got my job back. It’s a crazy dramatic story I don’t feel like getting into now. To make it short, I got a call from the dealership owner saying he’d be in town for the NADA convention (which I would LOVE to go to!) and wanted to meet with me. Ryan was here that day, this was before the big “snow storm” and he watched the boys for me while I went and met with him and his son. We had dinner downtown and talked business. I had never met the owner previously, even though I worked for him. I was doing a million different things but mostly advertising and customer relations for a dealership in Tampa. Where the general manager there is my old boss who I worked for (in person) at a different dealer in the Tampa area. There were some huge conflicts when this new dealership opened up, with the software company they were using (which I also previously worked for in Tampa) and I quit and said they needed to sort it all out and get it straight, here’s what I feel is wrong and needs to be done. I made it clear that if they didn’t want to do that, I expected them to fail and I wanted no part of it. Biggest fit ever when I left, I made sure they realized exactly how much work I was doing that they software company was taking credit for. Shut it alllllll down and said let the software company fix it, they should have been doing it in the first place. It was a mess. Totally never expected them to call me; ‘Hey, you were right. The software company is gone, we want you back and we are sorry we didn’t handle it differently then’. What?!? Then it snowed and Louisiana froze over. Predictable. So that’s cool. If they compensate me well and I can get back to work for them, I’d be pretty thrilled. So would Ryan I’m sure. Being an unemployed single mother, with not one but two deadbeat fathers for my two boys (who have court dates soon!) and not working, my bank account is not what it used to be. I can never thank him enough for everything he so generously does for me. Anything I need, he will help me with if he can. I never take advantage of that and I do what I can for him as well every time it is possible. I like it a lot when I get to help him or do something nice for him. When he was saving for the cruise and I had a little more income there were a few times he let me buy lunch and stuff, I love that. He doesn’t have too much pride to let me help him if he needs it. We are very open about money and have been since day one. What’s his is his, what’s mine is mine, but in general it kind of all goes together. I don’t see money ever being a problem in our relationship or eventual marriage. For several reasons. I usually make a decent amount of it! I’m a good spender, not too crazy. I go on a $100 make up spree once a year and then feel almost guilty about it, other than that I’m a big sale shopper, I budget, handle bills well and all that good stuff. He’s really good at budgeting when he needs to. He even tells me now when he’s considering a large purchase, not that I feel I should have any say so in it. Tonight I mentioned that I have to pay my phone bill tomorrow, I can, but I’ll be stretched even more thin for a few days. No hesitation, he asked if he could do it for me. I cried. I don’t think he knows I cried, but I did. I have never had a partner who was so willing to help me when I need it, and not look down on me when I have a hard time. In the past it was always about helping them, I felt like it was just my job to help my man, that obviously didn’t work out well. The last one ruined me financially and it set me back a lot. So having Ryan being so generous and so kind, it’s different. He’s literally given me the shirt on his back. I smiled and said “I like that shirt, it looks comfy to sleep in.” Then it’s off him and in my hands. “Here baby, you can sleep in it.” Awwww! That’s just so sweet. Who does that? Other than Carrots? Not to brag, I really think I have The Greatest Man in the World. Sometimes if I talk about him too much, other women like to pipe up and say, “My boyfriend brings me flowers and candy when I have cramps.” That’s nice and I’m happy for them but now I feel like that’s what a man who loves you is Supposed to do. Plus a whole lot more. Ryan has set the bar impossibly high and nobody even compares in my mind. If for whatever reason I wasn’t able to marry him one day, I don’t think I’d ever have a man who was nearly as wonderful or that I could love and trust even half as much.

That’s another thing, our trust is solid. That means so much to both if us in our relationship. He’s been hurt before by no good lying cheating skanks. I hate that people hurt him but I’m so glad he’s mine. I’m able to protect his heart and not ever let it be hurt again. (So thanks, Whores!) He’s never even considered for one second that I would do anything to jeopardize our trust. I absolutely would not. He hasn’t either. Any time I have had questions, such as women he’s friends with he answers all my questions with no problem. Never makes me feel like I’m being jealous or ridiculous, it’s ok to ask because he has nothing to hide. Once when I was feeling extra hormonal and crazy I asked him about a pic I saw when he was scrolling through his gallery on his phone, he gave me passwords to his online storage for photos and everything, no problem. Then when I feel like an idiot, he lets me know it’s ok to ask him anything I want, he’d never hurt me, I can have any password to anything at anytime if I wanted it. That’s all the peace of mind I need. I created his email account and haven’t even checked it once since I made it. I don’t look through his phone at all (I did a couple times months ago). I don’t need to. There is nothing there that would hurt me. I can say that confidently and never need to even check now. That’s a Beautiful feeling. Seems like something that everyone should have but it seems to be pretty rare, unfortunately. I never had it this way in any previous relationship. But everyone knows Carrots is no ordinary man! He’s extraordinary.

Pretty soon I will have some really exciting news about a huge change for him, that affects us in many ways! Plus my birthday is coming up and he’s already got a big pink cake all planned out. We are going to celebrate by first 29th birthday right! Next year, my second 29th birthday, will either be really happy or really sad….I haven’t decided how I feel about that yet. I’ll never be 30. I’ll be 29 again until I’m 40, then I’ll be 30. That’s the plan!